• No long waits! Since we don’t use cage dryers, your pet is never in a cage unnecessarily. And unlike other grooming spas, we work on your pet one on one from start to finish, instead of leaving them in a cage to dry while we work on another pet, to make this a relaxing and makeover experience for your pet.
  • Cage-free! We will hand dry, brush and comb your pet, to get that hair fluff or straight looked, being able at the same time to see the skin a detail to check for skin issues or any other irregular condition, and taking care of the extra undercoat and little mats.
  • Choose your favorite product! You can see our differences products and consulting with us, to used the best choice for your pet.
  • Accompany your pets! You will be able to see from beginning to end the grooming experience your pet is receiving from us.
  • Ergonomic equipment! We have the best equipment, ergonomic and staining steel tables and tubs, gentle variable speed in all our hair dryers and water system, the best of everything to make your pet experience confortable.
  • Everything Included! No extra charge for important features your pet needs, shampoo, conditioner, facial spa, nails trimming and filing, ear cleaning, tooth brushing, mouth wash, anal gland expelled, skin oils, fluff dry, comb, brush and bow or bandana.
Design by Rafael Cordero