• NO MORE PLUGS! Our vans have batteries and generators, which provide all the energy we need to groom your pet, allowing us to work anywhere we park, protecting your house from a circuit breaker going out.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY! We own the best vans on the market, which have batteries that let us work 80% of the time without staring the generator. This is much more quite for your neighborhood and to keep your dog calm.
  • Water everywhere!Our vans contain their own tanks – 50 gallons for clean water and 50 gallons for dirty water, which help us work in places like hotels, offices, parks, events, where the water is not available, and take the dirty water with us instead of dumping it at your place.
  • Ergonomic equipment! We have the best equipment to make your pet experience confortable: stainless steel tubs, electric tables and gentle variable speeds in our hair dryers and water systems.
  • Summer or Winter no problem! We have two fans, an air conditioner, heater and a water heater to keep your dog at a comfortable temperature at all times.
  • Your pet will never be alone! Our groomers always have an assistant with them to help console your pet if he/she becomes stressed or to help hold them up if they are too old to stand the entire time or if they have other health problems.
  • Experience matter! We have been pampering your furry friends since 2005
  • Accompany your pets! You will be able to see your pet’s grooming experience from beginning to end, take pictures/videos, and talk to them if you want.
  • Close to home = feeling safe for your pet. Unlike driving to the groomer and putting your pet in a strange environment with no perceived way home, our grooming vans help anxious pets feel safer, since they know they’re only a hop away from home.
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