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Culver City

Experience actual luxury grooming for your pet. No cage dryers, we hand dry, brush, and comb your pet without making them sit for hours in a cage

Why our Salons 

  • Cage-free! Unlike other pet grooming in Los Angeles, we work on your pet one-on-one from start to finish, instead of leaving them in a cage dryer, which can be dangerous. That means that the only time your pet is in a cage is if you're running late and your pet is done. And even then we try to let the dogs roam the spa freely until their family arrives as much as possible.  

  • Skin check! We will hand dry, brush and comb your pet, which enables us to see the skin closely to check for skin issues or any other irregular conditions and to take care of the extra undercoat and little mats.   

  • New specialty products! Check out our different products on the "Prices and Services" tab and let us know what product you want us to use in your next pet grooming appointment (extra charges may apply for certain products).

  • Ergonomic equipment!  We have stainless steel tubs and gentle variable speed hair dryers and water systems to make your dog grooming or cat grooming experience comfortable.   

  • All basics included! There's no extra charge for important features that your pet needs - shampoo, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, teeth brushed, fresh breath foam, anal gland expelled, skin oils, fluffed dry, combed, and brushed.​

Culver City 
Pet Grooming 

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