Good morning,


I’m writing this letter because we can’t have a work meeting in the salon due to social distancing rules.


The money I got cannot be used for paying any workday or non workday prior to the day I got the money into my account, May 11th. In the beginning, when I applied for this loan, the only rule to have it forgiven (not have to pay it back) was to spend it on payroll more than anything else. Once I got approved and signed the loan, they added other rules, like only being able to use the money to pay employees for actual hours worked in the 8 weeks following the date that the money was received.

That being said, if you don’t feel safe returning to work yet, I completely understand, and there will be no consequences whatsoever for taking more time to return to work.



I’m sorry to those of you that didn’t apply for unemployment, hoping to get this money.

The majority of you haven’t started working with Pampered Tails yet, so please apply NOW even if you start working tomorrow and hopefully you will get some money for the days that we were closed. here is the link


When you are filling out the application:​

  • All of you will have a different date as the last day of work.

  • We are under the category of hair dresser.

  • Don’t put a return date to work yet, because no one knows if we’ll have to close again

  • Use the address that shows predetermined, which is the Pampered Tails accountant’s address.


I will expedite the payment process to help you guys get your workday money sooner, instead of waiting 10 days, I will do it in 2 days. For me to be able to do this I will be providing checks instead of doing direct/deposited. For those that have been working since May 4th, the next payroll period is May 3rd to May 16th which means you will have your check on Monday, May 18th.

I’m sorry if I gave any of you false hope. I shouldn’t have given any information until after I got the money. I wasn’t expecting them to change the rules like that, and I was just repeating what I had heard. I wanted to help everyone in these hard times and give you peace of mind, without knowing how long it would take to get the money, and not knowing the new rules. Please know that this is all uncharted territory for me just as it is for you, and I will do the best I can to make sure you’re all safe and taken care of.