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What makes us Different?

One-on-one service / Cage-free drying

No long staying in the grooming salon


  • One-on-one, Unlike other pet grooming salons, Your pet will be on the same hands from start to finish, giving your pet time to connect with the groomer, this also helps the groomer to work in making the grooming experience unique and extraordinary. 

  • Cage-free! Our groomer will hand dry your pet instead of leaving them in a cage to dry, to work with another dog which can be really dangerous. Hand-drying your pet give us the opportunity to see clearly the skin, also work and a massage plus we can get the perfect fluff or stray look in your furry friend. 

  • Skin check! when groomers hand dry, brush and comb your pet, enables us to see the skin closely to check for skin issues or any other irregular conditions and to take care of the extra undercoat and little mats.   

  • Ergonomic equipment!  We have stainless steel tubs, electric tables, gentle variable-speed hair dryers for those shy pets, and AC to keep your pet at a comfortable temperature.

  • All basics included! There's no extra charge for important features that your pet needs - shampoo, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, teeth brushed, fresh breath foam, anal gland expelled, skin oils, fluffed dry, combed, and brushed.​


3101 Overland Ave Unit D 

Los Angeles, CA 90034

10814 Jefferson Blvd. Unit Q

Culver City, CA 90230

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