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What makes us Different?

One-on-one service / CAGE-FREE drying

Avoid unnecessarily long stays at the grooming salon


  • Cage-free and one-on-one: Unlike other pet grooming services in Los Angeles, we prioritize your pet's safety and well-being by providing individual attention throughout the grooming process. We only use cages if necessary, such as when you're running late to pick up your pet.

  • Thorough skin check: Our grooming includes hand drying, brushing, and combing, allowing us to closely examine your pet's skin for any issues or irregularities. We also take care of removing extra undercoat and addressing small mats.

  • Specialty products: Take a look at our range of specialty products on the "Prices and Services" tab. Let us know which product you'd like us to use during your pet's grooming appointment (additional charges may apply for certain products).

  • Ergonomic equipment: Our salon is equipped with stainless steel tubs, gentle variable speed hair dryers, and water systems designed for comfort during dog grooming or cat grooming sessions.

  • An all-inclusive package that covers all the essential features your pet needs, including nail trimming, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, fresh breath foam, anal gland expression, application of skin oils, fluff drying, and thorough combing and brushing. Please note that this package does not include de-matting or special shampoos such as flea-deshedding treatments and others. 


3101 Overland Ave Unit D 

Los Angeles, CA 90034

10814 Jefferson Blvd. Unit Q

Culver City, CA 90230

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